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For the last 3 decades, Arnesen, Herbert, & Endean Dentistry has been your local source for professional dental work. When you need a root canal dentist in Plymouth, opt for root canal therapy from the seasoned team at Arnesen & Herbert Dentistry. Our resident dentists boast the formal education and experience to safely and successful remove diseased pulp tissue that could otherwise spread throughout your mouth and eventually your blood system.

Contact us today to schedule root canal therapy from our trusted practitioners in Plymouth. We are also convenient to patients throughout the following neighboring areas: Wayzata, Maple Grove, Golden Valley, St. Louis Park, Hamel, New Hope, Minnetonka, Medina, and Orono, Minnesota.

Benefits of a Root Canal

What warrants root canal treatment? Whether you are experiencing the pains associated with an abscess or we detect an infection in the early stages, root canal therapy as we offer in Plymouth is beneficial for a variety of reasons.

The benefits of a root canal include the removal of tooth pulp that can make its way to surrounding blood vessels and diseased nerves. If not detected early, tooth decay that has reached the tooth pulp could irritate your nerves and cause severe mouth aches. Ultimately, root canals are designed to save your natural tooth structure.

Choosing the Best Root Canal Dentist in Plymouth

Our root canal dentist thoroughly evaluates your particular case and determines whether root canal treatment is the most ideal option for you. Our professional dental staff is dedicated to keeping up with the latest methods and technology so you receive exceptional work from our endodontist in Plymouth. We perform the following steps in-house for root canal therapy that removes decayed pulp tissue:

  • Thoroughly clean the tooth
  • Remove existing tooth decay, nerve tissue, and infected pulp
  • Remove the bacteria associated with the infection
  • Clean the tooth a second time
  • Fill the canals using a specialized sealer
  • Add a crown to protect the integrity of your tooth
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Don't suffer with a mouth infection any longer. Schedule your appointment with Drs. Arnesen, Herbert, Endean today when you want a root canal dentist who is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal oral health! Our dental office is convenient to patients throughout Wayzata, Maple Grove, Golden Valley, St. Louis Park, Hamel, New Hope, Minnetonka, Medina, and Orono, Minnesota.