Cosmetic Dentistry in Plymouth, MN

Your smile is one of the first physical characteristics that people notice. Reveal a brighter and more beautiful smile with help from the expert cosmetic dentists at our practice. Drs. Arnesen, Herbert, and Endean are compassionate practitioners who listen to your goals and produce cosmetic dental services that transform your pearly whites into a strong smile that makes you proud.

We understand the art of cosmetic dentistry and perform procedures that address your unique concerns. Rely on our expert cosmetic dentistry help you find the smile you’ve always wanted.

Best Cosmetic Dental Services in Town

The cosmetic dentists at our practice are professionals in the dental field, equipped with the formal education and skills necessary to produce exceptional cosmetic dental services. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you feel confident revealing your pearly whites. Choose a cosmetic dentist who is dedicated to listening to your concerns and forming a custom solution to suit your budget and fulfill your aesthetic goals.

Our licensed and insured dentists boast numerous satisfied patients throughout their 30 years in practice. Our dental office offers all of the following cosmetic dental procedures:

Young Woman With a Beautiful Smile in Plymouth, MN

Benefits of Choosing our Experienced Cosmetic Dentists

Experience the benefits of cosmetic dentistry from our skilled cosmetic dentists. Scientific psychological studies show that people with bright white smiles are perceived as more appealing and are more likely to perform better in job interviews and social events. You feel more self-assured showing your teeth after receiving cosmetic dentistry from our knowledgeable cosmetic dentists. From minor fixes to major repairs, we guarantee you the smile makeover you seek.

What Is Invisalign?

When you want to transform your smile without highly noticeable metal braces, choose our practice for Invisalign clear braces. In as little as one year, you can have straight teeth and no one will ever know you wore braces. As part of our cosmetic dental services, we offer patients these comfortable, clear aligners that are easy to clean and do not impact food choices.

With affordable options, our Invisalign clear braces are the most convenient way to align teeth on any budget. You can afford the straight smile you have always wanted, eat whatever you want, and remove these braces for activities like sports and playing musical instruments. Schedule an appointment with our friendly staff and let’s begin the journey to a better smile today.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment today for a beautiful smile that turns heads. The cosmetic dentists at our practice offer their expertise in transforming your teeth into a masterpiece!