Cancer Clearance in Plymouth, MN

Finding out you are undergoing care for cancer is a frightening experience. What is often not appreciated is how important good oral health is prior to treatment. Without a dental exam and proper treatment, oral changes caused by cancer treatment can cause tooth loss which can lead to necrotic jaw bone and loss of portions of your jaw. At our office, we are trained to provide a meaningful dental clearance for radiation or chemotherapy treatment and minimize the potentially disastrous side effects of your treatment.

Benefits of a Cancer Clearance Protocol

Our clearance protocol consists of an exam and xrays to determine any care needed prior to cancer treatment and includes prescriptions and advice on how to best manage your oral health before, during and after cancer care.

After your radiation or chemo, you may notice you have less saliva (dry mouth), mouth sores or ulcers, difficulty swallowing or speaking. We can assist you in maintaining oral health and improving your quality of life after cancer treatment. We know cancer treatment is scary and intimidating, let us help you feel better and regain your oral health.

Man With Dental Assistant in Plymouth, MN

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