Art  for Your Oral Health
and Well Being

Art  for Your Oral Health
and Well Being

Art  for Your Oral Health
and Well Being

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Visit Our Professional Dentist in Plymouth, MN

Achieve the bright and healthy smile you have always dreamed of with the services of a professional dentist group that personalizes their care. Whether you receive your care from Dr. Arnesen, Dr. Herbert, or Dr. Endean, you are sure to receive the exceptional level of care our patients have come to expect.

Experience the difference that a clean and modern dental office can make in your overall level of care. You deserve a comfortable and sanitary environment when you need general or cosmetic dental treatment. A dazzling smile and optimal dental health is the top priority for everyone in our family. Bring every member of your family in for a checkup and start smiling again.

Our Dental Services Are for All Ages

With the help of the full array of dental services we provide for your family, you are sure to brighten the day of anyone you come in contact with. A bright smile is a powerful tool in your everyday life, and your general dental health has a definitive impact on your overall well-being.

With regular care from our team of dental specialists, you can save yourself time and money in the long run. Start identifying issues with your teeth before they become painful catastrophes with regular preventative care. This helps you feel better each and every day, and you save money in the process.

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Preventative Dental Care Is Important

Create a firm foundation for healthy teeth with regular checkups and preventative dental care. With a full inspection of your teeth and gums, we can give you a greater understanding of the issues facing your smile. Visit our office twice a year and your teeth will thank you.

Identify dental issues before they become expensive problems with regularly scheduled visits to our office. We provide you with the necessary X-rays to see below the surface of your teeth, and we get the surface looking as bright and shiny as possible with professional cleanings as well.

Once an issue has been identified, you are in safe hands, as our general dental care is effective and affordable. Our team will schedule you for a follow-up appointment when you require treatment for gum disease or TMJ. If you need a standard procedure like a filling or a crown, we have you covered. Some of the most common procedures we provide include:

Tooth Fillings: To repair a decaying or damaged tooth, we apply a filling. Many of our patients today are opting for tooth-colored resin fillings, as these look more natural in your mouth. Conventional filling materials are available at our office as well.

Dental Crowns: To preserve a damaged tooth, our dentists apply porcelain crowns. They fit over a broken or weak tooth like a cap, protecting it from further harm. It looks and functions just like your natural tooth.

Dental Bridges: When you have one or more missing teeth, our dentists replace them with the help of a dental bridge. Such a bridge serves as a support structure that holds a replacement tooth. This is an attractive and practical choice for our patients with missing teeth.

Gum Disease Treatment: Part of the preventive work we do involves treatment for gum disease. Since it is our job to help you keep all of your natural teeth, we are always alert for the signs of bone deterioration or irritated gums.

TMJ: If you suffer from mouth and jaw pain caused by TMJ, we provide you with treatment that helps relieve the pressure to the joints of your face. Treatment includes medication, a mouth plate, and the application of moist heat. To help you, we advise eating soft food, and avoiding those that require lots of chewing, such as gum.

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General Dentistry That Is Covered by Major Insurance Plans

Get to the root of the issue and rely on our full array of services in general dentistry. Our primary focus is on your long-term dental health. We also make it easy to get the care you need by working with as many dental insurance providers as possible. We are a preferred provider for Delta Dental, America’s largest dental benefits carrier.

Our goal is to assist each patient in achieving and maintaining long-term dental health and a beautiful smile. Some of the services we provide include:

We Offer Top-Notch Cosmetic Dental Services

Even with healthy teeth, the look and feel of your smile may not be what you have always dreamed of. Our dentists want you to have a bright smile filled with straight, white teeth. We offer the most advanced technology when it comes to the cosmetic dental services you are in need of. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the runway quality smile that makes a difference.

Talk to Dr. Arnesen or Dr. Herbert about Invisalign teeth aligners, and braces for adults, children, or teens. Invisalign braces continue to be highly rated for their ease and convenience. These pain-free braces are also BPA-free plastic aligners that are custom-made for your teeth and can be removed for eating and cleaning. Every couple of weeks, you receive a new set of aligners that gently move your teeth into place for a perfect smile. Come into our office for a consultation about the best method for straightening your teeth.

Take advantage of all the options that are on the forefront of cosmetic dentistry when you trust the family of specialists in our office. With advancements in dental veneers and bonding, there are worlds of possibilities that are within your grasp. With just two visits to our office, you can have an improved smile with the help of our dental veneers. The dentists in our office can correct gaps, chips, and crooked teeth with these ultrathin porcelain shells that fit over your real teeth. Dental bonding makes use of tooth-colored resin that is applied to your teeth. This helps to change the overall shape of each tooth, and also helps to close any gaps and repair teeth that have cracked. The resin is bonded onto your real teeth, and the result is a beautiful smile.

If most or all of your real teeth are missing, we can remedy that with dental implants. These replacement tooth roots are implanted into the bone sockets of missing teeth, which grow around the new titanium roots. Your replacement teeth are attached to these roots, and the result is a smile full of functional teeth that look and feel as real as ever.

About Dr. Arnesen, Herbert & Endean

When you place your smile in the hands of a dental professional, you want to be sure they have the training and experience needed to make a difference. Drs. Arnesen , Herbert, and Endean are all graduates of the University of Minnesota, and they have completed additional certification in Advanced General Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, and Invisalign™ treatment. Our team of doctors is focused on giving back to the community at large. Dr. Arnesen serves on the Peer Review Committee of the Minneapolis District Dental Society. Dr. Herbert is a Lead for the Minnesota Dental Association's Mission of Mercy.

Two of our practitioners and professional dentists are former presidents of the Minnesota Dental Society and all three practitioners are currently volunteers for Give Kids a Smile. This is a national program implemented by the American Dental Association™ that provides dental services to underserved children. Dr. Endean has had extensive training in providing treatment for patients with complex medical histories, developmental disabilities, and head and neck cancer. With this experience, she can provide a meaningful dental clearance for radiation treatment or surgery and can minimize the risk of the potentially catastrophic side effects of radiation.

Our practice is geared toward helping every member of your family get the dental care they deserve. This means everyone is welcome, from kids and teens all the way up to their parents and older adults. We have the capability of prescribing customized treatment options that suit your particular needs. Whether you need general, cosmetic, or restorative dentistry, we have what you are looking for.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment with a professional dentist. Our dentists' office is located in Plymouth and convenient to patients throughout Wayzata, Maple Grove, Golden Valley, St. Louis Park, Hamel, New Hope, Minnetonka, Medina, and Orono, MN.

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